IV Hydration

IV Hydration

IV Hydration Services located in Atlanta, GA

When you’re sick or your energy’s depleted for any reason, hydration is absolutely vital. Although drinking water and sports drinks help, oral hydration isn’t the best or fastest way to restore your wellness. At Buckhead Injury Wellness Institute in Atlanta, Georgia, Kevin McCowan, MD, and Carisa Hines, MD, offer IV hydration to restore your dehydrated body to help you feel better faster than you imagined possible. Click the online scheduling, or call the office to book your IV hydration now.

IV Hydration

What is IV hydration?

IV hydration is the intravenous delivery of fluids lost by sweating, vomiting, urination, and/or diarrhea. When you’re ill, for example, when you have the flu or a cold, you may become extremely dehydrated, and IV hydration restores your body’s normal fluid balance. 

You can also become dehydrated by not drinking enough water, drinking lots of caffeine, exercising heavily, or spending a lot of time outside without staying hydrated. 

IV hydration restores healthy levels of essential nutrients like potassium, sodium, and glucose, all of which you need to feel healthy and function properly.

Can sports drinks or water replace IV hydration?

Sports drinks and water can help combat dehydration, but they do so at a much slower rate than IV hydration. When you take liquid orally, you naturally eliminate a good deal of it through normal bodily functions like urination. Plus, when you’re experiencing nausea or upset stomach, it can be difficult or impossible to keep even water down. 

IV hydration is a better solution for dehydration because it skips your digestive tract. You don’t have to drink anything when you’re feeling nauseous or weak. You absorb 100% of the IV fluids into your blood, which means they can help you feel better quickly. 

What’s in my IV hydration solution?

At Buckhead Injury Wellness Institute, the team customizes your IV hydration for your situation. Whether you need a hangover cure, athletic recovery, immunity boost, or something else, the trained specialists discuss your goals and tailor a treatment to achieve the desired results. 

Before you start your IV hydration session, you can speak with the team to ask questions or get customized medical advice if needed. 

What is an IV hydration session like?

An IV hydration session lasts 30-60 minutes, depending on the formula you select. You relax while your trained provider affixes the IV, typically to your arm. The catheter needle is very tiny and isn’t painful. You can read, use your phone, nap, or whatever you like during the IV therapy. 

Use online booking, or call the office to schedule an IV hydration appointment for fast and effective rehydration.